miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

The Summer Fashion Festival 2013!

The Festival has ended

Thank you very much to all the participants, visitors, bloggers, designers and all those who contributed to the success of the festival this year.

viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

SFF is Open Now!

Hello everybody!

ArisAris sim is opened and summer fashion festival begins now!
Let's spread the new in group to let people know about the event. 
We are really excited with this event and we hope will be great for everybody. Thank you for joining us and for all the great designs you created.


The SFF Team.

Taxi:  Summer Fashion Festival

lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Official list bloggers

Official list of bloggers Summer Fashion Festival
You can send exclusive to each blogger individually or use the group
Please direct all to your own list of blogger, the more the merrier

 Do not start posting until June 7th


Lista de bloggers del Summer Fashion Festival
Podeis enviar los exclusivos individualmente a cada blogger o utilizar el grupo

Bloggers, no empeceis a postear hasta el dia 7 de junio

Aisling MacMoragh
kismet Faith
Nestor Farshore
pijilla Mhia
Teteia Sciavo
lotus Mastroianni
Relitha Byron
annie Galicia
Suvi Breil
Tanita Anton
una Nubalo
Ximena Mcandrews
Pia Moonwall
Samara Pennell
Kidman Latte
eugeny Costa
ojeras Tolsen
Laine Frye
Alon Alphaville
Deeta Aeon
Selene Coy
Michely Blogger
Destiny Mollari
Mondra Kira
Aloma Sands
Cindy Gedenspire
Ezze Ditko
Darkyn Dover
evelin Felwitch
Punk Rae
magdalene Python
Criistinaa Chau
Teyara Mayo
Adriana Pinklady
Danielle Livadi
Estrellita Gagliano
Karol Blackbart
BabyChampagne Sass
Askara Voom
Tempest hennesy
Gaditana avril
Ravi Shelter
Dreamer Pixelmaid
BabyChampagne Sass
Anika Cluny
Satine Rabeni
Casasreais Allen

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

ArisAris Events; Summer Fashion Festival'12

ArisAris Sim is organizing our first event. We called it "Summer Fashion Festival" and our intention is to showcase a sample of the nice products of your store. The date for the event is from June 8th to June 24th and the organizers from the festival are:

  • Ariadna Garrigus
  • Moonshine Allerhand
  • Rams3s Kirax
  • Derek Altneu
  • Dagda Bumer
  • Estrellita Gagliano
  • Suvi Breil
  • Contact Avatar: ArisAris Resident

We plan to have all an avenue with an stand for every designer to show one exclusive creation for the festival. To promote it we will have use a group of bloggers, fashion magazines, submit the event in SL search, catwalks and of course, our groups.

We will try to have approximately 100 stores showcasing one exclusive creation. The theme is "summer fashion" but it doesn't mean bikinis and swimsuits. We wanna show a design that fits with the style of your store for this season. And of course, after the festival you can sell the design in your store.

To participate in this festival the fee is 400 L and you will have an stand with about 6 prims available in case your exclusive will have different tones. Organizers will provide some freebies too, to take public to the festival, but if you wanna contribute with it, the prim used for the gift or cheapie won't be included in your prims available.

To be included in the lits of stores in the event, please fill this note with the dates required bellow it and rename it with
"Arisaris Sim Events - SFF - Your name- Your store", and send it to ArisAris Resident. Please don't pay the fee untill we confirm your participation.

  1. Store Owner:
  2. Store:
  3. Landmark:
  4. Any other info you feel necessary to reveal: